Carrollton Area Chamber of Commerce


About the Carrollton Area Chamber of Commerce


The present Carrollton Area Chamber of Commerce consists of 160 members and 10 directors who chair 9 committees.  These men and women are elected by the membership and do their best to promote the Carrollton area by the programs and events that are sponsored by the Chamber.

The Carrollton Chamber of Commerce was officially established in 1912.  We are already anticipating the celebration of our 100th.  Anniversary in 2012.  The original name was the Carrollton Chamber of Commerce; later changed to the Carrollton Area Chamber of Commerce.

The following is a copy of an original letter written by the Chamber promoting Carrollton and Carroll County back in 1912.

"Carrollton is the county seat of Carroll County.  It has a population of about 4,000 and is the wealthiest town in Missouri in proportion to population.  It is located on the main lines of the Wabash and Santa Fe railroads and is the southern terminus of the Burlington branch of the C. B. & Q. railroad.

Carrollton has three banks, of which the combined assets amount to $2,379,155.00.  It has ten churches, five public schools and one commercial college.  It has water works, electric lights and an electric street railway.  It has one ice plant, two flouring mills, one wholesale grocery house, one steam laundry, one acetylene generator factory and the largest poultry feeding station in the world.  It has four mineral wells with valuable medicinal properties, a complete sewer system, a $50,000 high school building, a $60,000 post office building, a $75,000 court house, a $25,000 Masonic Temple, five miles of streets paved with brick, many blocks of substantial business houses and many handsome homes.  Carrollton has a real live Chamber of Commerce, an enterprising citizenship, free land for factories with plenty of water and all of the facilities with advantages desired.

Special efforts are being made by the Chamber of Commerce, which is composed of the enterprising business men of the town and the farmers of the surrounding country, to secure new enterprises, build up the town and develop the great natural resources of the county.  A special invitation is extended to home-seekers, to investors and to all those who contemplate engaging in some new business or manufacturing enterprise."

The following rule concerning membership to the Chamber in 1912 was as follows: Membership confined to those who believe in Carrollton and Carroll County, none other need apply.

The Carrollton Area Chamber of Commerce has now been promoting Carrollton/Carroll County for almost 100 years now.  Look at our history and see that people 100 years ago knew the importance of promoting their community and area.  We offer "Associate Membership" also.  This program is offered to individuals and non-profit groups who want to be involved, (and we want you to be) to attend the luncheon meetings, banquet, after hours, as well as receive the monthly newsletter.  To be an "Associate Member", you have only to pay a $50.00 annual membership fee.

Whether you come to Carrollton/Carroll County for a day or a lifetime, your life will be forever changed.  Come experience this wonderful area we call home!